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About Us


Years Of Experience

KR Bachelder & Co. was founded by Kenneth R. Bachelder Sr. in Wheaton, Illinois in 1963. Originally a general music store, KR Bachelder & Co. became a specialty string shop when ownership was passed on to Ken Jr. in 1979. Ken Jr. was known for being a highly skilled stringed instrument repairman and restorer, and his relentless pursuit of perfection was admired by those who knew and worked with him. Following Ken Jr.’s passing in July of 2012, ownership and operation of the shop was transferred to Ken’s wife, Linda Bachelder. Today, now operating as KR Bachelder Company Inc., the shop is moving forward with its team of skilled and experienced stringed instrument technicians and shop staff, who strive to maintain the high level of quality, service and value KR Bachelder Company is known for.

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