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KR Bachelder Company has a reputation for having some of the highest quality and best maintained stringed instrument rentals in the Chicago area. Our fleet consists largely of instruments and bows by KR Bachelder Company, Christopher (Concord), Eastman Strings, K. Holtz and Glasser. All instruments are given a professional set-up with quality components such as Despiau French bridges, D’Addario strings and Wittner tailpieces with fine tuners. All of our K. Holtz and Glasser bows are in new or factory-refurbished condition. Instruments, cases and bows are thoroughly cleaned, inspected, play tested and adjusted. Violin and viola outfits are outfitted with durable and reliable hard-shell instrument cases that offer maximum protection for your rental.

Our instruments are set-up for ease of play and adjusted to stay in tune! A number of local school districts rely on KR Bachelder Company instrument rentals for their school orchestra programs. Teachers select our rentals for their consistent high-quality and trouble-free performance. KR Bachelder Company stringed instrument rentals, there is a difference! Instruments are rented on a quarterly basis and feature a rental rewards program where generous discounts can be applied towards a new, full-size instrument purchase. Please contact us for details.